Sonoma Law Group (SLG) offers practical and forward-thinking legal advice focused on achieving our clients’ business and personal goals, while ensuring their interests are well protected. Our clients have come to appreciate the insight and expertise that characterize our legal services, and the integrity with which they are delivered.

We take care of business. The attorneys at SLG excel at handling our clients’ business matters. Our primary focus is spotting potential pitfalls and structuring our clients’ transactions to minimize their exposure to legal and business risk, now and in the future. This long-range perspective proves most cost effective when our clients involve us from the beginning of negotiating and structuring their business transactions and organizations.

Of course, clients also come to us well after the fact, with a legal or business issue they need resolved. In these cases we are adept at finding practical, creative, and affordable solutions.

We take care of people. At SLG we never lose sight of the fact that our clients depend on our legal counsel to guide them through their business and personal transactions. Our clients entrust us to handle their sensitive legal matters, and we work hard to merit that trust by addressing their matters conscientiously, and with care and diligence. We understand our greatest value comes from anticipating and solving legal issues for our clients, but doing so while helping them achieve the outcome they desire.