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Business Law

First and foremost, we are business lawyers. So it is no surprise that a large part of our practice involves providing innovative and reliable legal advice to guide our clients through their business endeavors. We apply an in-depth knowledge of the law and real-world business experience to structure business transactions to add value and to protect our clients’ interests. Whether it’s a matter of choosing a business entity, crafting a purchase or sale transaction to best achieve goals and maximize tax benefits, or adding key provisions to an agreement, we are well equipped to handle your business law matters.

Real Estate Law

Our firm has extensive experience in the intricacies of real estate law, and we work hard to make sure our clients receive the greatest benefit from their transactions. We have negotiated and drafted an assortment of real estate contracts including specialized purchase and sale agreements, leases, easements, tenancy-in-common agreements, and real estate-secured transactions. We are well versed at structuring and evaluating complex commercial transactions and 1031 exchanges, including the economic and tax ramifications of such transactions. We are equally skilled at cost effectively overseeing simpler transactions such as residential sales and leases.

Business Organizations

We represent clients spanning a broad spectrum of business organizations. We have formed and represent sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies and all manner of corporations (professional, nonprofit and special purpose). We understand the nuances of each form of business entity, and work closely with our clients and their advisors to select the entity and overall business structure that will best achieve their tax objectives and long-term goals.

Tax Law

Most of our tax work involves proactive tax planning. We are skilled at evaluating business and transaction structures, and work with our clients and their other advisors to minimize or defer tax costs. We are often consulted by other professionals to render advice on the complicated tax aspects of a transaction.

While we prefer to work with our clients to keep them away from such difficulties, we are often consulted when clients are faced with tax issues, such as might be raised by the IRS during an audit or appeal.

Estate Planning

We offer a full service estate planning practice encompassing the preparation of wills, and other estate planning documents that achieve our client’s succession goals, whether simple or complex. We also skillfully employ and can competently handle the formation and preparation estate planning vehicles such as trusts and family limited partnerships to minimize the tax exposure of our client’s estates. For many of our clients, in addition to their business matters, we also handle their estate and succession planning for their closely held and family-owned businesses.